GIF Challenge

GIF Challenge!

Every 5th gif. No cheating.

This is you:

This is your best friend:

This is what your parents are like:

What you do when you’re alone:

How strangers see you:

How the same sex sees you:

How the opposite sex sees you:

How your crush sees you:

Your favorite fandom:

Your taste in music:

If you had a superpower it would be:

You in the morning:

Your thoughts on school:

Your parent’s reaction to you going out on your first date:

What you do on Friday nights:

What you do on the weekend:

What you do in class instead of listening to the teacher:

Your reaction to failing a test/class:

Your reaction to passing a test/class:

Your reaction to graduating:

Your feelings on the world:

What you would do if it ended:

Your job:

Who you end up marrying:

OH MY GOD YESSSSS!!!!!!! <3333

How your kids act:

How you die:

Your friends at your funeral: